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Flash API Help!!

2011-08-26 08:04:15 by pingshiyu

I am trying to install the Flash API in CS4. I have already installed it in Adobe Bridge, but it did not appear in my Components Panel. It is no where to be seen, yet Bridge told me that it is installed.
I will be very greateful if someone helped me :) thank you.

My medals?

2011-04-17 12:04:41 by pingshiyu

Where is all my medals gone? Please tom reply plleeeaassee!!! =109424 i'm actuailly telling u dis thing works... and yeah.. this is NOT a spam kk?

it needs to be when you move you need to play a running cycle for the character

Need help with animating

2011-02-24 09:20:08 by pingshiyu

is anyone know how eddsworld animates? bone tool? frame by frame? if you know please tell me, thx :D

Aactionscript Questions

2010-10-11 12:12:21 by pingshiyu

Does anybody know how to make a platforming character move around so that when ever a key is pressed, the character moves with it's running cycle.